The pictures just posted are from previous “winter” months. The idea from now on is to begin to document the changes in the countryside as they happen, or as I notice them.

Some rain arrived comparatively early this year. Around 30 mm in total fell in 3-4 events between 28 March and 1 April. This moistened the upper few cm of the soil and has allowed the grass to green up after the effects of the winter frosts and drought.

Most of the Alder and Howthorn came into leaf around between 15 and 22 March, although individual trees vary. Most hawthorns are now in flower. Oaks are flushing too, slightly later than the alders with bright new green leaves. The scene is quite springlike, although the days are very warm and feel more like European summer. Direct sun is, as always, intense and uncomfortable to be in for any length of time.


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