The big news

The big news for us at the moment is clearly the pregnancy. A quick update. On the second of March Adriana went for a check as she had missed a period and felt very uncomfortable. The ultra sound scans showed two fertilised embryos, around four to five weeks old. Two weeks (17 March) later a rather confusing and poorly defined scan suggested that one of the embryos was no longer viable. This was confirmed (22 March) by a much clearer scan in Toluca using very sophisticated equipment. One of the embryos had definitely stopped developing and was being reabsorbed. The two sacs were clearly separate. the remaining foetus had a healthy heartbeat and appeared perfectly well formed. The prognosis was thus that despite this very worrying start, there would probably not be any serious consequences for the remaining foetus, providing that there was no rejection of the non viable foetus.

The latest check (6 April) showed that the remaining foetus seems to be continuing to develop normally and reabsorption is taking place slowly.

So.. those are the cold clinical details. How are we feeling? Confused, excited, worried, tired, sleepless but hopefull. Most days we feel optimistic that everything will turn out well, but there is a lot of inevitable stress and Adriana does feel physically drained. We´ll add more details as things progress and become clearer.


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