No news is…

The good news this weekend is that there is no no news. The pregancy shows all the signs of settling down to normality, although Adriana still has a lot of discomfort (euphamism for nasty pains). The strain of the last few weeks has shown, but Mickey cheerfulness as always keeps us both on the strait and level. His only complaint is that Mummy won’t let him bounce on her tummy any more.

The lack of dramatic developments allows me to mention the other (local) news of the week. It is obviously (for all Mexicans) the “desafuero” of Manuel Lopez Obrador. For those who haven’t a clue what that’s all about, the short story is that the Mayor of Mexico city, who would almost certainly become the next Mexican president if he could run, has been barred from public office for building a road to a hospital by “illegally” expropriating land belonging to a very comfortably off citizen. Given the way government business is conducted in Mexico his crime is something akin to driving past a parked ambulance at over 30 mph (while competing in a formula one race). The country is now in severe political crisis. It was in a state of major political crisis a week ago. Two weeks ago we were in terminal political crisis. At that time it seemed that only the pope was in worse health than Mexican democracy.

While on the theme. Arafat, John Paul II, …….. Castro? He appeared on Mexican television this week reading from a script in a weak voice. O.K, he did read from his script for two hours (his record unscripted is apparently 6 hours 32 minutes) but maybe the writing is on the wall.


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