Better news

Adriana has been feeling much more comfortable in the last few days. Mickey, as always, has been helping to keep us on track. He decided to play football with me when I got back from work today, which pleased Adriana no end. She thinks we both need all the exercise we can get. Mickey looked so good as a footballer in his bouncer when he was six months old, but he has somehow not built on this early promise. He really needs some coaching. Unfortunately all I know about it is that you have to keep your eye on the ball, which is hard when you play after dark. Mickey also insists on wellies to play football, which might explain his difficulties. They do tend to fly off in all directions when you aim a good kick.

The garden is beginning to look much better even though two of the most colourful (and expensive) plants in the new bed somehow got very badly trampled when the ball went out of play. We’ve promised to be more careful next time. Fortunately neither of us kick hard enough to break any windows, or we really would be in trouble.

Adriana and I were both disappointed to see the white smoke today, for various reasons. We had decided that the obvious way to run the conclave was as a big brother house. If they didn’t come to a swift conclusion under the old system it would have been nice to see the cardinals going with the current trend. More democratic and more entertaining. The smoke signals would have been an especially cool touch. Maybe next time.

The identity of the Pope might be irrelevant for most Europeans, but it is rather more important for us. We didn’t expect a liberal Pope (there were no candidates), but we did hope for someone with closer contacts with our part of the world an a better understanding of the challenges we face. A Latin American would have given hope and inspiration to so many.

My concern now is of course whether oposition to relativism will have any effect on Bayesian ecology. Hopefully such issues are unlikely to top the new man’s agenda!


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