Star wars

Apart from the bionicles Mickey’s big thing at the moment is star wars. He still wants to go to Hogwarts and be a wizard, rather than a Jedi, when he grows up but that may change.

Interestingly on my statistics list there was an recent thread about the Australian census. Apparently a large number of people answered “Jedi” to the official question on religion. The Australian authorities took a very dim view of this. The official document on the issue is a minor classic. Here are some highlights…..

“ABS has not issued warnings or threats to anyone

The ABS hasn’t threatened anyone. We have explained the reasons for the census question on religion and the possible impacts of people providing misleading answers to this question. In this way we hope to get the willing cooperation of people in filling out the census form accurately. We have been highly successful in this regard in past censuses.

ABS recognises that people have a wide range of belief systems

If your belief system is “Jedi” then answer as such on the census form. But if you would normally answer Anglican or Jewish or Buddhist or something else to the question “what is your religion?” and for the census you answer “Jedi” then this may impact on social services provision if enough people do the same.”


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