Scans and Tai Kwon Do

I aplogise for the fact that the web log has had no postings for a while. I have been very busy teaching. The good news is that Adriana had a scan 0n the 9 May. It showed that the baby is developing normally. The doctor was particularly pleased by the rapid growth rate, as one of the potential problems could have been limited nutrient suppply.

Mickey decided to persue his potential career as a Jedi by joining the Tai Kwon Do classes. They are very good exercise for him, and the teacher is very good with small children. There are some in the class as young as three, but they all do their best. Mickey has now mastered the “chiquibola” which is a flying somersault. He is looking forward to the exam in a few weeks time which will give him “advanced white belt”. His friend Fabian, who started two years ago is already a green belt, so he has a lot of catching up to do.

We went to see Star Wars three yesterday, which was much scarier for me than for Mickey. It is quite a dark film, but Mickey liked it. As usual he started shuffling around on his seat after ten minutes which means he needed a wee, but he refused to move until it was all over. By the end of the film he could have irrigated a couple of hectares of milpa.


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