The speed of change in Chiapas


This sign has been placed on the boulevard, the dual carriageway from Ecosur to the centre of the town. It is deeply symbolic of the problems we face in our daily lives here. Society clearly needs to be governed by rules, regulations and guidelines in order to work. These rules must be respected by all. This can only happen if compliance is clearly in our best interest.

No driver would ever think of slowing to 20 kmh on the busy boulevard in order to comply with this sign. It would be ludicrous and cause an accident.

If this were an isolated case we could change Chiapas tomorrow simply by taking down the sign. Unfortunately the equivalent of 20 kmh signs are posted within most aspects of environmental legislation including that for forestry, conservation of protected areas, urban planning and rural development. Even in our academic institution we have to work under an administrative framework which is notably economical in its application of logic and common sense.

I will no doubt develop on this theme as time goes on.


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