Earthquake in Lincolnshire!


I grew up in Lincolnshire which is rarely in the news, so I was quite proud to hear that it was at the epicentre of an earthquake that measured 4.8. To put this into perspective the earthquake I reported at 6:52 am on the 12 February in San Cristobal measured 5.2. However to be fair an earthquake in England is a rare event, while in Mexico we have several every year. I imagine that tomorrow’s news will be full of eye witness reports of the event. Much of the reporting will no doubt be quite light hearted. British residents don’t appreciate the sheer terror that people experience when an earthquake is felt in regions where they are destructive. Even though San Cristobal itself has had few major earthquakes, every time we feel the earth move we are very unsure how bad it could turn out to be. But this time we have been stirred rather than shaken.

As an aside I made the small illustration above using a Nasa satelite image and the excellent open source software QGIS. QGIS stands for Quantum GIS. It took less than a minute to connect to the Nasa site, download the image and find the rough epicentre. I am a great fan of Google Earth but at the moment the fact that GE has a mess of overlays at different scales is a barrier to it being used for illustration at a regional scale. Also the 3d terrain in Google Earth is great for Chiapas, but rather irrelevant in Lincolnshire.


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