Import Worldclim data into GRASS

Importing wordlclim layers ( into GRASS should be straitforward using However the data have to be unzipped and  a line has to be added to the headers.

Assuming that the file to be imported is mean temperature at 2.5m resolution

This line unzips your file


Make sure the region is set.

g.region n=89N s=89S e=180E w=180W res=00:02:30

This line fixes the problem with the missing header

for i in $(seq 1 12); do echo “PIXELTYPE SIGNEDINT” >>tmean$i.hdr; done

This line will then import the data into GRASS: Notice that you need to change the name from tmean to the appropriate name in two places (for example input=tmin$i.bil,output=tmin$i)

for i in $(seq 1 12); do -o input=tmean$i.bil output=tmean$i; done

Finally remove the unzipped files

rm tmean*.bil
rm tmean*.hdr

Click here to download a PDF showing screenshots of the steps.

Click here for a flash presentation.

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