About this weblog

I am a forest ecologist working at El Colegio de La Frontera Sur in Chiapas, Mexico. I set up this personal site in 2007 as an outlet for some assorted reflections on natural history, science, family and life in general. It will also be used for posting various,short, applied but hopefully useful, scripts using mainly the R language and for discussions of analyses in progress. Formal, completed, work will of course find other more appropriate outlets. Please use the categories filter to find the appropriate content. Also note that all views and opinions expressed on this site are my own and should not be taken as representing the position of Ecosur. Although “off topic” I consider posts such as this to be useful contributions.

Posting to a web log consistently requires a great deal of self discipline and motivation, especially given the conflicting demands on my time. Below are links to some old blogs.

The sites are still available, but they are not receiving new posts from me. I am determined to keep this new weblog running more smoothly, with a mix of topics, whenever I find time. I have now chosen wordpress in preference to blogger. One advantage is that is easy to export the site to a local host. It is also possible to import the previous posts from blogger. I have transfered the content of the old sites to this weblog (see the archives).

One difficulty is deciding on the language to use. I naturally write in English, but when I feel that material would be more accessible to a potential audience in Spanish I will post in that language. Given the ephemeral nature of the material I am not prepared to spend time duplicating posts in both.