Star wars

Apart from the bionicles Mickey’s big thing at the moment is star wars. He still wants to go to Hogwarts and be a wizard, rather than a Jedi, when he grows up but that may change. Interestingly on my statistics list there was an recent thread about the Australian census. Apparently a large number of…

Altitudinal migrant

Recently a pair of white collared seed eaters (Sporophila torqeola) have been seen, but not yet photographed, feeding around the house. They are common in cattle pastures in the lowlands and seem to move up into the highlands in the summer.

A mass of Phyllophaga beatles below the light. Most are males, although a few find females and mate. Their larvae are serious crop pests in the region. 

Large nuumbers of gallina ciega or May bugs (Phyllophaga spp) are in the air at night following the first heavy rain. The males, and to a lesser extent females, are attracted to light. 

We have recently had quite a few scorpions visit the house. They like warmth and stones and so our patio suits them. The species found in our region don’t kill you, but they do sting worse than a bee. Fortunately you have to really annoy them to get them to attack.  

Children’s day

Today was “el día del niño” in Mexico. Mickey had already celebrated the event at school and didn’t go to any special parties (for a change!). But he did get the red Bionicle he had been wanting for the last month as a present. He’s getting very handy at putting his toys together and had…

Better news

Adriana has been feeling much more comfortable in the last few days. Mickey, as always, has been helping to keep us on track. He decided to play football with me when I got back from work today, which pleased Adriana no end. She thinks we both need all the exercise we can get. Mickey looked…